Making social investment count


Earth understands that social investment is a valuable tool that gives your business a license to operate. When working at its best, it is aligned with your business goals and can result in better performance. However, more often than not, social investment is side-lined under a separate brand and its value to business and society is lost. Our creative strategies are designed to ensure your social investment counts.

We make it count to the Financial Director because it can contribute to profit. We make it count to the Marketing Director as it provides direction and authenticity that doesn’t need to be dreamed up. We make it count to the Sustainability Director because it contributes to net zero carbon goals. And we make it count to communities, who benefit directly from enhanced opportunities and greater scope to live in a world that’s in touch with their needs.

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Brandanomics finds your equilibrium in society

Do you have a crafted statement aligned to your business model that demonstrates your commitment to a positive future?


Brandanomics measures what your people tell society

Do your people instinctively know and understand the link between social value, internal rewards and business success?


Brandanomics measures the way society sees you

Are society seeing you in a positive light? Do they accept you and respect you?


Brandanomics measures how your value is linked to sustainable business development

Have you chosen the right UN SDGs to highlight your commitment to a better world?


Brandanomics asks you to demonstrate your societal impact

Have you done enough to prove to society that you care beyond products and services?

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What we do

1. Strategy

  • Brand workshops
  • Naming workshops
  • Cradle to cradle impact workshops
  • UN SDG integration
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Purpose narrative development

2. Design

  • Brand identity creation
  • Visual language
  • Copywriting
  • Iconography
  • Brand toolkits & guidelines
  • Integrated communication
  • Art direction
  • UX & UI

3. Build

  • Front-end web design
  • Full back-end implementation for CMS
  • Online marketing
  • E-commerce integrations

4. Activation

  • Employee engagement
  • Event planning and branding
  • Physical and digital communications


A business is only as believable as the work it delivers. So, while we talk a lot about business purpose, we’re proud to say we can back it up too. We lead by example, aligning our work with our own unique set of SDGs. From co-operation and common sense to respect, everything we do is underpinned by these mutually-agreed goals that keep us all motivated and happy.


For our work to be truly impactful, we believe in collaboration. This partnership approach allows for honesty and integrity to flow through everything we do.

We are proud to have worked with the below organisations who are committed to making their social investment count.