Restoring the balance between business and society

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Our planet’s perfect equilibrium is our core inspiration. It’s a natural masterpiece and a blueprint for balance, with everything in alignment. And it’s what influenced us to create earth, realising that the eco-system of business and society is much the same, needing a constant exchange of value to grow stronger.

We all live under the same sky. And we all wake up to the same sun. At earth, we believe that restoring the balance between companies and communities is the most authentic mission out there. And we’re committed to it.

We provide the platform to demonstrate your company’s real value beyond the balance sheet where society becomes your biggest shareholder and integral to your long term success.

Social investment is the most powerful business tool, transforming everything it touches. It drives innovation, creates competitive advantage and attracts top talent. Show people you’re changing the world and suddenly they want to change it with you. It’s never an afterthought or add-on, but a foundation that remains true and constant, enhancing reputation and underlining relevance.

For over a decade, we’ve demonstrated the authentic, transparent value of organisations. We create the springboard that resolves global challenges, backed by society and driven by business.

We make sustainability count. Beyond the balance sheets, there’s a bigger picture and we’re focused on showing your commitment to it. We help you invest in your company’s future, reframing the way your business speaks to society. The result? People see that you contribute and genuinely care about everything from the minor details to the wider context.

Everything we do comes back to showing true value. When you speak the same language as your staff, they start understanding what you’re saying. And when you use that same language with customers, they start believing what you’re offering. With business and society in balance, everyone benefits. That’s how you remain authentic. And that’s when your sustainability starts to count. What you offer society becomes clear. What you do becomes relevant. The impact you make becomes real.

Earth is a creative strategy agency based in London. We specialise in embedding sustainable communications into the fabric of your organisation’s DNA. We use creative thinking, design and storytelling to expose your sustainability programmes and communicate them through your existing brand architecture and channels. Using economic insights, we dig deep into the more detailed picture of what your social impact really means for your business as well as for society and planet.

Once we have grasped your value and identified the tangible elements, we get creative – turning positive impact and complex realities into compelling brand stories, that inform as well as excite. Our creative team draw upon sustainability strategy, audience insight and innovation trends to find new, authentic ways to activate your brand. We always think commercially, knowing social investment is much more than doing things that sound good. We understand the complexities of ROI, P&L’s – and most importantly, how to communicate your relationship with society.



For our work to be truly impactful, we believe in collaboration. This partnership approach allows for honesty and integrity to flow through everything we do.

We are proud to have worked with the below organisations who are committed to making their social investment count.