Minimum waste, maximum impact

What we did

What we’ve done

- Branding

- Workshop

- Narrative development

- Visual language

- Iconography

- Online presence

- Integration

- Communications

- Engagement

How do you unleash a sustainable vision in a corporate setting? Tap into the lifeblood of what a company stands for, and give them the stamina to run with it.

World without friction

Fissara came to us describing themselves as a functional software company – but immediately, we knew their vision ran deeper than that. Through a series of workshops, we tapped into the team’s wider mission – to create a world without friction, that maximises efficiency.

Working smarter

It was about less waste. When we realised this was the goal, everything else fell into place. We reframed their logistics-based messaging into something more connected and consistent. Fissara’s story became about working smarter – how by wasting less and making better use of resources, you can be sustainable and make an impact.

We created a modular system of lines to embody the idea of movement

A playful system that keeps things moving

Streamlining the message

From this simple premise, we were able to create a full branding and online presence that hit this message home. We created a theme between the four products Fissara offer, streamlining this into a company presence that is coherent and relevant to this moment. Our Manage-Move-Make-Maintain message was simple and linear, and rooted in that less-waste vision. It filtered down Fissara’s purpose, and blew open their capabilities in making their messaging and strategy one in the same.

Message to mission

Fissara felt they weren’t a “fast business” – much of their work was focussed on in-person demonstration of their technology. By streamlining their messaging, we also helped them transition to a new model of working – one where their online presence was strong enough to stand on its own. The result? A business that is able to focus on its customers, as opposed to on their product. More time, less waste – maximum efficiency.

Lasting impact

After our campaign, Fissara began to see results. By transitioning to a new model of working, and armed with a clear and coherent strategy, they were able to thrive through the pandemic, with an airtight online model, and the ability to do more with less. This sustainable vision has resulted in customer numbers and revenue growing consistently since its launch in 2021. When you know what you stand for, it’s easy to start running with it – and take your customers along with you.

Earth took the raw materials of our company and transformed them into a vision and strategy which is cutting through. The transition we undertook enabled us to grow through the pandemic, and continue to offer a clear less-waste model that is thriving.

Dave Wybourne