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What happens when you take an ambitious idea and build a full strategy around it? You get more than a soundbite - you get a tangible roadmap for the future.

Building a roadmap

Multiplex have always been serious about sustainability. It’s at the heart of their business. But when it came to launching their “One Decade to Act” strategy – a roadmap to get to carbon zero – they wanted to do it in a way that felt authentic, and would make an impact.

Getting on board

Earth believes in the power and potential of a strategy rooted in sustainability. It pays dividends in a variety of ways. Multiplex should be more than just a follower in this – it should lead the way in sustainability, and be an influencer across the industry. The Board of Directors agreed.

At the centre of our vision was the multiplier effect – if Multiplex led the way on this, the impact would spread across their field and beyond. By committing to a common goal, they’d reap rewards – morally and economically. What starts with them could cut through the whole industry.

Cutting through

Multiplex’s plan is ambitious, and our strategy needed to match that. We came up with a three-point manifesto: Educate, Engage and Empower. This became the launchpad for their whole sustainability vision, and gave them a clear, tangible process by which to maximise impact and opportunity, not just internally, but in engaging the whole industry.

From comms to culture

But the work we did together didn’t just form a communication strategy. They integrated it as part of their wider employee culture programme. What started out as a vision for one part of the company became a manifesto for cultural change within their day-to-day. They are able now to empower all employees behind a coherent vision of sustainability – a common goal for our planet. For Multiplex, this was more than just a slogan – it spoke to their big ambition, and how they could realise it. Quite the multiplier effect.

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