The Cordant Group

A change of priority for a business operating in today’s world



What we did

- Brand workshops

- UN SDG integration

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Brand identity creation

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- Iconography

- Brand toolkits & guidelines

- Integrated communication

- Art direction

- UX & UI

- Employee engagement

- Event planning & branding

- Physical and digital communications

Big businesses have the power to affect positive change. Apple’s reserves are greater than the foreign reserves of the British Government and the Bank of England combined, and if Proctor & Gamble were a country they would be China’s sixth largest trading partner.

But this highlights a problem: the world of business isn’t working for the majority of its stakeholders. Wealth rises, but it doesn’t flow down. Poverty, inequality and injustice hold economies back and they are not good for business. Mobilising this wealth can produce the core ingredients of prosperity, equality and justice driving economic growth, proving that growth and good are not mutually exclusive.

The Cordant Group wanted to transform its commercial business into the UK’s largest social enterprise. It needed an overarching brand to communicate its genuine commitment to change and its socio-economic benefits to its clients.

Our objective was to craft and communicate Cordant’s new purpose in line with its commercial objectives. We created tailored messages for each of its audience groups, including clients, investors, suppliers and its employees to positively influence how The Cordant Group’s new status as a social enterprise would create value for all involved.

We created a range of new employee engagement tools including emails, leadership purpose training toolkits and educational collateral, which was rolled out across the country in a road show format.

We made a launch film featuring interviews with Cordant’s staff and, in order for the voice of the film to be authentic and genuine, we took the opportunity to help budding filmmakers in Cordant’s workforce upskill with editing and camera operation. This helped embed the message within the workforce so that engagement was widespread and delivered as a point of pride.

As a result, we successfully positioned The Cordant Group as a beacon to a more authentic and engaging way of doing business.

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