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What we did

- Brand workshops

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- UX & UI

- Front-end web design

- Full back-end implementation for CMS

- Employee engagement

At earth, we love building brands. And ADP love building properties. We think differently about brands. And ADP think differently about buildings. So, when the independent architecture practice approached us to design a new website, we already shared a passion for unique creations.

That was just the start of the parallels. In seeking to grow their business, nationally and internationally, they wanted to highlight the genuine impact their buildings would make on people’s lives. When they told us their architecture was authentically committed to supporting communities, we were committed to work with them.

Website design

Initially, they only wanted a website. But we explained that by repositioning their communications with clear and embedded values, their approach would be conveyed more persuasively. That way, people would begin to understand ADP’s individuality – how they were approaching industry challenges with fresh approaches and solutions.

Through our workshops, we learned that ADP was creating progressive buildings based on a holistic model that benefited the people who worked and lived in them and prioritised their functional needs and aspirations.

We probed further to find out their own aspiration: to create more joy in the world and in doing so, redefine the future of architecture through sustainability, belonging and engagement. If a building is sustainable, it will serve the community and the environment.

It will be enjoyed and respected. And it will be a blueprint for future architects to be inspired in their next brief. If a building has belonging, it will resonate with the people who use it, and mean something to the wider community, adding value to society and beyond.

If a building has engagement, it will create a true sense of community for the people who use it and help shape the future of the architectural industry, pushing spaces that satisfy people’s needs and desires.

Mobile design

By defining the value of ADP’s architecture differently and embedding these key drivers in every stage of the design process, we enabled them to stay true to their purpose, deliver better designs for their clients and achieve more positive social outcomes.

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