Building the business case for sustainability in construction


Built environment

What we did

- Brand workshop

- Naming and naming conventions

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Brand identity creation

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- Iconography

- Brand toolkits & guidelines

- Integrated communication

- Art direction

- UX & UI

- Front-end web design

- Full back-end implementation for CMS

- Event planning and branding

Many industries only see sustainability as a tick-boxing necessity, rather than a valuable asset which delivers authentic change and impact. We believe it’s our mission to resolve that, helping businesses realise its wider commercial and social benefits.

One of the organisations we repositioned in this way is UKGBC, or The UK Green Building Council, as they were known before we gave them their shorter, more impactful name. Small architecture firms to larger developers were familiar with their efforts to promote a sustainable built environment.

But like many sustainable initiatives, most thought it would come at a cost and not many made the connection between the impressive cityscapes they were creating and the impact of those spaces on the people living and working there.  Our challenge was to promote a business case for sustainability.

So, we set about using sustainability as a catalyst to positively transform the places people use every day –  by repositioning UKGBC from a membership organisation into one with a cause. We successfully widened the audience, reaching more people in more areas, from businesses and government officials to students and those working in the media. The more people they educated, the more people they empowered and the more their message was heard.

One of our main inspirations was Fibonacci, an iconic mathematician, who highlighted the link between strong structures and the natural world.  This was the basis for their branding and together, we developed a purpose for a better built environment. 
Our repositioning has been an overwhelming success. We set the foundation for UKGBC with clearly defined brand values, brand purpose and a communications platform to reach more people in more industries. They’ve already seen deeper engagement for future prosperity and now strive to enhance the wellbeing, health and overall quality of life for people living and working in spaces.

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