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What we did

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- Iconography

- Brand toolkits & guidelines

- Art direction

Housing associations run the risk of becoming faceless. Awash with organisational logos, it’s hard to know who you’re dealing with – who your landlord, as a person, might be.

Aspirational ideas about area development are often prioritised over practical, day-to-day needs of the people and the communities they serve.

Clarion Housing Group is first and foremost a social landlord. It exists to do good and it has a deep social purpose. The problem is – everyone else is saying the same thing. In a value-based economy, saying that you are doing good just doesn’t cut it any more.

Clarion needed an original and meaningful standpoint. It needed to frame itself as a service focused landlord who put its residents first.

Our objective was clear: to effectively articulate Clarion’s purpose and develop key messages to reach and resonate with each of its stakeholder audience groups.

We laid the foundation by realigning the brand architecture to the new brand purpose, ensuring each sub brand can clearly communicate its contribution to the group’s social impact. We refreshed the brand and visual language, TOV and messaging, developed a style guide and updated the brand guidelines.

We created ‘The Clarion Call’ to clearly communicate how Clarion are here to change things for the better.

Through a series of short and engaging animations, we showcased some of the ways Clarion looks after its residents. These helped to enhance the reputation of Clarion as the social landlord.

Clarion Animations

We created and produced a new regional Residents Magazine, which provided information and advice on national and local issues. The magazine serves as a vehicle to improve Clarion’s engagement with its residents on a personal level, and to encourage them to make use of the latest services to help improve their quality of life. The magazine was produced in accordance with AA accessibility standards, engaging isolated and vulnerable residents so they can feel part of their communities.

We developed a number of impact reports to show how Clarion’s social investment has created real positive change. These were targeted and tailored to the various groups that make up Clarion’s wide net of stakeholders – from professional partners to local communities.

Clarion has a voice it can use to loudly and clearly demonstrate how it is leading the way as the authority for affordable housing in the UK.

As well as developing Clarion’s own voice, we have ensured – as its number one stakeholder – Clarion’s residents have a voice too.

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