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What we did

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- Iconography

- Front-end web design

- Physical and digital communications

Much like branding, fashion is all about getting changed and reinventing yourself. Whether you’re dressing a body or brand, it’s crucial to express yourself in the right way, aligning who you are with what you stand for.

That way, you remain current, authentic and accepted. For the fashion industry, that’s essential. Influencing customers to wear and believe in a lifestyle requires precise planning and a robust strategy.

For the British Fashion Council, it goes one step further. British fashion is synonymous with global popular culture and the BFC serves to support and promote British talent to an international market, investing in world-class education to nurture the skills and visionary individuals that set our fashion apart.

We have a long-standing relationship with the BFC in helping them to communicate their impact beyond fashion and showcase what they bring to the UK’s economic stage. As well as capturing and conveying their purpose, we have also helped them to showcase their impact.

Through a series of reports we outlined the British Fashion Council’s vision, values, strategic pillars, future plans, economic insights, and more. The reports also serves to showcase how the BFC support the UK’s fashion industry holistically.


We also helped them to launch The Institute of Positive Fashion in order to activate the three pillars of Environment, People and Community & Craftmanship and encourage widespread adoption of sustainable practices within the UK’s fashion industry.

Through Environment, the IPF establishes better ways of making and creating, safeguarding our planet, as well as brands and businesses. They campaign for action and address collective issues through industry, academic and Government collaboration.

Through People, the IPF takes the lead in encouraging more equal, open, considerate and fair places of work. They champion a diverse, empowered workforce from Head Office to Supply Chain to Retail.

Through Community & Craftmanship, the IPF help sustain local livelihoods and add to the positive impact the fashion industry can have in local communities.

The British Fashion Council has always supported the economic development of British talent. The IPF goes a step further to establish the UK as the globally recognised centre for sustainable fashion.

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