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Intergovernmental organisation

What we did

- Brand workshop

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Brand identity creation

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- Iconography

- Brand toolkits and guidelines

- Integrated communication

- Art direction

- Front-end web design

- Employee engagement

- Event planning and branding

- Physical and digital communications

As a representative of 2.4 billion people across 54 countries you need to make sure you’re relatable and your relevance is communicated. And if you’re an international organisation with as much influence as The Commonwealth, it’s even more important.

Keen to shed their image as a dated colonial establishment, The Commonwealth turned to us to modernise their brand and highlight the impact they were making globally. They were putting their name to truly outstanding work, yet, weren’t being recognised for it.

All the potential was there, with great projects in every area, boosting prosperity, democracy and peace in member countries. But the impact of their work was often lost. With other major players such as the UN and the European Union taking centre stage, they needed to highlight their contributions. Naturally, earth was first choice. Having already collaborated with The Commonwealth, we were familiar with their work and they were comfortable with us as a partner.

To date, we’ve helped to communicate the positive impact of a number of their workstreams from Women as Agents of Change to their Debt Management Programme, an initiative now used and valued by over 60 countries.

We also came up with an award-winning strategy for communicating ‘Your Commonwealth’, giving a voice to the organisation’s young people. So, we knew the strength in their work. But we needed to make sure others were on the same page. That’s when the brand overhaul started taking shape.To shift their narrative towards outcome-based impact, they first needed to look good. Then we moved onto letting people know they did good.

Working with their communications team and the office of the Secretary-General, we updated their core brand and developed a comprehensive applications toolkit. We staged and sensitively undertook the process, ensuring clarity and purpose.

The result? We helped The Commonwealth communicate its relevance and the organisation’s work was captured under a single, powerful and fully aligned brand, promoting the full range of its impact in all member countries.

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