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How can an ice cube enable an education? How can a solar-powered well increase eco-tourism? How can a little red and yellow kiosk boost community? When we took on Shell’s brief to communicate their Access to Energy programme, there were many questions.

And we were committed to answering them all, adding clarity to their communications so that everyone, everywhere understood how energy can positively change people’s lives. That’s just how we started – by plugging into the ‘The joy that energy brings’ and highlighting  how essential access to energy is for wellbeing and development.

In the developed world, it’s too easy to take essential energy sources for granted… Every light switch flipped, every TV turned on, every toaster, lawn mower, air con unit, washing machine… whatever we’re doing, we’re always doing it with energy.

But to many people around the globe, it’s a different story. Shell operates in some of the most inhospitable, challenging areas of the world, delivering energy to communities that aren’t connected to the national grid.

Typically, their electricity is sourced by burning charcoal and kerosene and using expensive, polluting generators. Shell’s social investment arm is working with these communities and NGOs to implement economically-sustainable access to energy projects, many using renewable sources.

But Shell’s work in this area was not widely known – either by employees or by external audiences.

Our goal was to enhance Shell’s reputation authentically with a strategy that aligned their key partnerships to wider development goals, while telling real stories about how life-changing energy is. We used real scenarios in our creative communications, helping people to connect emotionally. Our strategy included a communications plan, case study toolkit, suite of branded assets and a fully responsive website.

The repositioning has helped Shell, both in terms of highlighting their contribution to the communities in which they work and showing their commitment to meeting SDG 7 by 2030.

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