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What we did

- UN SDG integration

- Creative strategy

- Visual expression

- Copywriting

- Brand toolkits & guidelines

- Front-end web design

How can a discarded jackfruit become a much-needed biofuel? How can a corn husk be made into a plastic bottle? And how can air conditioning units be used to water plants? Shell is inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers through their empowering NXplorers programme. And our job was to communicate this.

Using the creative platform of ‘reimagine our world,’ we came up with a bold utopian concept that merged imagination and innovation – flying jackfruit birds, giant corn husk dispensers and abstract air con units watering palm trees in the desert. Its bold surreal style and confidence show how Shell is teaching young people globally how to resolve complex, real-world challenges with innovative approaches.

Earth created bespoke toolkits for each country to showcase how their students can apply their thinking to solve local problems that have wider impact. We linked the programme to the UN SDGs to promote its contribution to sustainable development.

We also reimagined Shell’s global online education page, by putting NXplorers front and centre. In tandem, we wrote a social media strategy to reach more people and spread the message further.

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