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Renewable energy

What we did

- Brand workshops

- Brand strategy and positioning

- Purpose narrative development

- Visual language

- Copywriting

- Iconography

- UX & UI

- Front-end web design

- Full back-end implementation for CMS

- E-commerce integrations

Reliance on fossil fuels is diminishing and renewable energies are set to take centre stage. Large corporations, insurance markets and governments are pledging carbon neutrality and renewable energy stocks are breaking records, with companies like Tesla gaining 690% in value in 2020 alone.*

Not only is renewable energy a means to prevent climate change by limiting the production of greenhouse gases, but it also creates jobs, reduces the cost of energy bills, and increases access to energy in developing countries**. It is a vehicle to create real positive change and address global challenges.

*source: CNBC
**source: National Geographic

The Renewable Energy Association is the voice for renewables and clean energy technology in Britain, with the goal to overtake fossil fuels as soon as possible. The world looks very different now compared with when The REA was established 20 years ago, but its vision of a world where clean and renewable energy is accessible to all, has sustained.

The REA’s vision was ahead of its time, and its visual language and messaging needed to catch up. It needed to better communicate how nature can fuel our future via an accessible user-friendly digital platform for its members.


We began with a kick-off meeting to truly understand and gauge authentic insight into the REA’s vision. This was followed by a series of persona workshops and member interviews to surface everything about the REA and their users that we would need to help position the brand. We presented the workshop outcomes in the form of a strategy document, outlining a clear purpose, personality, tone of voice and style to underpin the next steps.

Once the brand identity was established, we moved on to the visual design. We built a brand-new website, which captured the vast scope of the REA’s work – everything from Brexit to Biowaste Recycling – into a concise organised repository for everything renewable. We established a new tone-of-voice and wrote all the headline copy.

We also integrated the website with MS dynamics to create a full business platform from which REA can expand their membership base.

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